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2 yr olds, 3-5 yr olds: 
Ballet - Pink leather ballet shoes
Tap - White buckle taps
Attire - Any style, color leotard and tight
 All Other Classes 
Shoes - Tan shoes. You may choose any style from oxfords. You do not need split-sole
Attire - Any type of "dance clothes" - jazz pants, leotards cheerleaders shorts, etc. If shorts or leotards are worn, please wear tights. No jeans please!
Shoes - White clogging shoes with Steven Stomper Buck Taps
Attire - You may wear anything fo this class except dresses or skirts. Skorts are fine.
Shoes - Light suntan jazz boots. If you have black you may wear them for class. Tan for recital
Attire - Any style, color of dance clothes. If shorts or leotard are worn, please wear tights. No jeans please!
Shoes - Pink ballet shoes.
Attire - Any color and style of one-piece leotard. Any color tights. Leotards are mandatory.
Shoes are availabe for purchase through the studio. Please feel free to talk to any staff member for ordering information and to get your child sized. 
As always, if you have any question please call the studio at 706-945-0625. Thank you very much.